Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Custom Choppers in Malaysia

Hello guys..my name is Mazfazil a.k.a Godfather and i from Pilgrimz  MG Malaysia. i love to ride with my friends and exchange views with other bikers..i want to introduce custom choppers in Malaysia within this blog..although custom choppers is quite new our country..but we are always trying our best in this field..so here we are..

This is my dream bike..Harley Davidson Softail Cross Bones 2009..it's quite expensive in Malaysia..160k Ringgit Malaysia..Gees.! it's only cost around 15k US Dollar in States..damn!

Actually i'm still new in this chopper thing..even though i'm new, it has been my dream over many years to have a chopper bike..i can still remember when i was a kid..a group of choppers came into town..roaring out in the streets..wow..cool..

My friends ask me what do i think about superbikes?? i said it simply.."i like chopper more"..Why? for me..the loud pipes turns me on..maybe that's my passion for choppers..and for our neigbours Thailand and Indonesia, sorry to say that they are much more advance in chopper building especially custom hand made because they have no problem with their authority...in Singapore..most of them are superbikers, some represent as classic and some are easy riders..well ,in Singapore speeding is limited..

This pictures is the courtesy from a friend of mine..Ahmad Hazuan Hasmi from Pilgrimz MG Malaysia and Muhammad Amir(Bob) from Jokers MC taken from an event from Phuket Bike Week 2009...enjoy..

One of Eddy Red Garage's Bikes (Malaysia)

                        One of Lee Biker's Bikes (Malaysia)

As you all can see..most of these bikes are from Thailand.. Some are from Malaysia. Longer forks..and pipes sound like Hell..of course they are Outlaw bikers..


This is our logo untill present...Pilgrimz MG Malaysia. It has only 8 official members and lots of supporters outside it's district..including 16 big bikes family..support big and small events..Our motto "Riding Beside Your Brother" represents our friendship and brotherhood to all easy riders that can get along with us..

It's has been a week since that i didnt write anything..quite busy with my work..last week is fun..i went to Cameron Highlands..the craziest thing that i ever done...didnt rest from home to Cameron and to home again...i cant remember how  long is that journey...all that i can remember that fill in gas..and smoke..fill in gas..and smoke..